Our children’s programs will help your child grow and learn life skills as well as karate. Karate is a fun, safe activity for kids of all ages.

Our children’s classes focus more on our 3 rules: Self Discipline, Self Control, and Respect for others. This way they can develop the ability to control their bodies and behavior, be responsible and pick up after themselves, as well as be polite and well mannered towards adults and peers alike. Also, by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques, students will be building their self esteem and self confidence so they can resist unhealthy peer pressure and have a positive self image. With their martial arts training we tailor our teaching methods to each group and ability level in order to keep classes exciting, fun, and motivating.

Our instructors have not only mastered their Martial arts abilities, but are trained to teach children. Simply being a Black belt does not automatically make someone an excellent instructor, which is why our professional instructors receive weekly training on teaching methods, motivation techniques, and other vital skills so children and adults alike receive the best experience on the path to becoming a Black Belt.

As students progress through the curriculum, they will earn colored belts and awards. Unlike many schools, our program is designed such that children set achievable goals and make regular progress throughout their training.